Living where I do has it’s perks. Aside from being far away from almost everything, I have an awesome apartment that I pay next to nothing for. I have a great pizza great nearby and the pizza is incredible, the owner is friendly and knows me by name and  I get to see Miyajima every single morning on my long walk to the tram station. I have a really great neighbor who has literally saved my life here a few times and we both have an older JET neighbor upstairs who we joke about being our grumpy older brother. He’s too cool for us. Now that everything is starting to get clean and finally in order… I am now posting pictures of my apartment.

So Here is my bed room. I spend a majority of my time in here especially since it has AC I keep it cold. I love that I have spacious closets and even though the tatami mat flooring wasn’t preferred its definitely interesting. It’s taking a lot of getting used to. I also have a kotatsu all ready to go for winter which is just around the corner. I am so excited to use this properly once winter rolls around

You cant really see much from my balcony. My neighbor and I joke that Totoro lives out here. He probably does…Im just too old to see him :( — You can kind of see part of Miyajima peeking out. 

I have a cute little kitchen. Ive been doing a lot of cooking (when Im not eating pizza) since I arrived. Mainly I make a lot of Stir frys, chicken, Curry and eggs that I can throw over rice. I haven’t been able to find the mythical brown rice that Japan apparently has. I also have an oven that is on the way. Thanks Dad. ;)

I have a teeny tiny little bathroom. Its given me a lot of havoc since I first arrived. Ive had a ton of problems with the pipes. Every so often it will flood my floor but with the help of a plumber and some drano hopefully Ill be okay. I also saw my first real Japan bug in this room the other morning. That was scary. haha.

Soon to be pictured… my televisonless living room and my entry way.