When I first arrived on JET I luckily had a western bed in my apartment but the mattress was unbearably hard. I somehow managed to suffer through it for a year.

Last night my neighbor gave me the bright idea of putting a futon on top of the mattress and sleeping on it. She even lent me an extra futon to try it out. I feel like I’m sleeping on a fluffy cloud and I will never go back. I happily shelled out $150 for a memory foam futon… Happy early birthday to me.

Adult life.


Were you affected by the landslides? I got really worried about you!

Thank you anon! No thankfully I wasn’t affected by the landslides at all - even though they happened fairly close to me. 

Thank you for worrying about me!

I’m hoping to be able to give some time and volunteer with the clean up effort or donate before I head to Korea next week! 

The Woes of Speech Contest

Speech Contests are a huge deal in Japanese High Schools. From reading other blogs, it seems they’re also important in Junior High School as well.  

They also exist of different levels and can range from being school wide, city wide, prefecture wide and even national. Prizes often include money and scholarships, not to mention students who do really well and place get huge ceremonies thrown in their honor and I’m sure you get the gist. 

The more students your school has who do speech contest, typically the better. So around June, English teachers really start pushing students who have good or decent pronunciation and intonation to apply. In order to apply in my prefecture, you must submit a three minute recitation of you reading a pre-written piece.

Typically most schools in my area have 2-4 students who end up applying and usually they spend months working with the ALT a their schools to get ready to record in late August.  

I found out I had four speech contest kids last week, and the recording is due today. 

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久しぶり - Long Time, no post.

It’s been a while since I posted something substantial. It’s also been Summer Vacation which means one month of looking busy for eight hours a day. Between orientations, really kicking my Japanese study into gear, drinking excessive amounts of green tea and browsing reddit endlessly I haven’t really found time to post on here much. 

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Waking up to find

That 7-11 discontinued my beloved kimchi and pork onigiri…

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.